Ceremony Videos

It's true. Our covenant wedding was viewed by only a few of our most immediate family. We did this to keep things simple and stress-free and so that we could focus on the true meaning -- the covenant between us and God.

But have no fear, we had the whole thing taped, thanks to Jacob Dellinger and his fabulous videography capabilities! You can see the whole thing in all its YouTube glory below. Now keep in mind that we'll also have a special screening of the video at the party on a BIG screen, so feel free to wait until then to see it if you like. Also see the party video stream below.

Party Video Stream

Thanks to the magic of the internet, we'll be streaming our party live. If the embedded player below doesn't work, try clicking over directly to either our Livestream channel or Sara's Qik channel. During the party, you can also chat with us using the handy chat feature.