What's a Pooshnowb?

So what is this word "pooshnowb?" You may have heard Sara and Cliff use this word when talking to one another. Well, the truth is, it really depends on who you ask! Pooshnowb can have various meanings, as you can see below -- but it's definitions are virtually unlimited.

Pooshnowb (POO-sh'NOWB) -adj., n., v.
1. The act of being difficult; argumentative (alt., adj.) "Why you gotta be such a pooshnowb?"
2. Random body parts: "Did you forget to wash your pooshnowb?"
3. A delightful treat: "Don't eat your pooshnowb!!! You'll ruin your supper!!"
4. Term of endearment; pet name for spouse or significant other: "I love my li'l Pooshnowb. Yyyyye-us."

History of the Word Pooshnowb

We definitely can't take credit for this word. Words like pooshnowb were first used by Chad Muncy, brother of Cliff Muncy. At a young age, Chad expressed an interest in creating his own language. Over time this language has evolved to include a myriad of words -- "pooshnowb" being one of them. Cliff and others have taken his lead and are always looking to create new words with new meanings. As a side note, Chad now has a son to whom he is teaching this new language. We look forward to seeing how the other kindergarteners will react to this behavior.

Word Cousins

Pooshnowb has several word cousins including "shnoobowb" and "shnowboob". These words can be used interchangeably and even all in the same sentence. For instance, "You need to wash your pooshnowb, you little shnowboob!"

Additional Endings

It has been recently discovered that by adding various endings onto pooshnowb and its word cousins, one can obtain even a larger number of definitions. For example, "Would you please wash your shnoobowb, you little shnoobowbulite! You're going to catch shnoobowbulitus!"