Our Wish / Gift List
"Awww, you shouldn't have!!!"

But you may want to anyway... and probably will. Our 'wish list' isn't typical for newlyweds, and we barely have a registry. So feel free to think outside of the box! The below suggestions are just that: suggestions. Please don't feel obligated to bring or give a gift. But if you do, we won't throw it in the garbage or unfriend you on Facebook or anything.

Cash - you know, some think that cash is impersonal or crass. But fact is, regardless of the fact that it is worthless paper currency distributed by the Federal Reserve, it would help us tremendously toward our getting out of debt and savings efforts! So, we won't mock you or talk about you behind your back if that is your gift of choice.

Gold or Silver Coin- The value of gold is rising and the value of paper money is, well, nothing. To save for our futures, we more than welcome gifts in the form of gold or silver coin.

Food Storage - Aside from the fact that we are proud conspiracy theorists, we are also firm believers in being prepared! So, any type of storable and/or emergency food is good. Also items such as toothpaste, soap, etc.

Donations to Carolina Liberty , NC Freedom and John Ainsworth of NCAR - It costs money to try and make a difference in the freedom and liberty of a people. Please consider a donation to one of these organizations. John Ainsworth's phone number is 704-620-0673.

Home Improvement Help - Our house was built around 1948. As such, it is always in need of a little TLC. We have various projects in mind for the future including finishing the small basement a bit - just making it less creepy mostly and making it more suitable for food storage; adding a storage & hobby building; other special yard work; adding extra floor supports under house; and extending the driveway. If you're the type that loves a good home improvement project, and you'd like to contribute, we would love to have your help (and expertise).

Appliance Repair - We have a dishwasher that isn't working. Anyone know how to fix it? Cliff never used dishes when he lived alone, but Sara can cook up a storm!! She punishes that kitchen!

Gift Cards

Lowes Home Improvement - to put toward a much needed storage building, and other supplies for home improvement projects.

iTunes - we are music lovahs and always appreciate fundage for fresh tuneage.

Apple - heh, we thought it might be a bit on the greedy side to put a new MacBook Pro laptop on our wishlist - nevertheless, it's something we're saving for!! So, contributions toward that end would rock our faces off.