Get your PARTY on!

Whoever said Candyland, Play Doh, and RC Cars were just for kids had it ALL wrong. If you're anything like us some of your best memories are wrapped up in plastic game pieces and the delectable scent of non-toxic Play Doh. So, in between dancing and breathless frivolity, take a seat at one of our many activity stations and challenge a fellow party-goer to a Battleship THROW DOWN.

Activities will include, but are not limited to:

Board Games

  • Candyland
  • Battleship
  • Operation
  • Taboo
  • Apples to Apples
  • Twister

Play Doh Sculpting Station

  • Pleasant representations of mammals, food items, and anything else your twistedly artistic brain can fathom are encouraged.

Micro-Sizers Race Track

  • Some cars will be provided, however guests are welcome to bring their own 'team.'
  • Cliff also recommends Radio Shack's ZipZaps SE (Special Edition) micro RC cars, as these can have up to 6 selectable frequencies.
  • If you own a Mini Z Racer, please bring it! I've never tried it on my track, but they might just work!
  • Prizes include full on bragging rights.

Dancing and Do-it-Yourself iPod DJ

  • RSVP'd guests are encouraged to submit song suggestions, and the party organizers will be sure to make those suggestions available throughout the night.
  • For a suggested donation of $0.25 per song, guests can randomly choose the next song they would like to get up and shake their booty to.

Fire Pit

  • Fire is fun.
  • As are roasted marshmallows and s'mores.
  • Tribal dancing optional.