How We Met

In 1998, Sara started working for MedCost. Unbeknownst to her, around 2002 a fellow who had an obsession with Macintosh computers, named Cliff Muncy, started working there too. As it turns out, Sara's dad was his boss, and she now recalls dad talking about some guy who worked on nightshift and sang in a quartet and decked out his truck in twinkly Christmas lights.

Fast forward 7 years or so: Sara decided to post an ad on Yahoo! Personals. Not really looking for a serious relationship, she opts for the free ad to see what kind of "bites" she would get on her dating line. Unimpressed with the caliber of men who approached her, she gave up hope of ever finding love and resigned herself to a life of spinsterhood and cat food.

Then, she stumbled across this ad for a guy with a CRAZY long profile. It was divided into sections and categorized with pictures galore. So, she sent an "Ice Breaker" (the only type of correspondence allowed between non-paying members) to see if maybe he would be interested in her, too. A week went by with no response.

Meanwhile, Cliff had just gotten out of a relationship, and as a result knew exactly what he wanted out of a relationship, and exactly what he didn't want. So he got RIGHT back in the 'dating world'. He had already subscribed to one other dating service, and had free profiles out there too. He talked to a few other girls, and then - one fateful day - he received an Ice Breaker on Yahoo! from this cute girl! Conflicted, because he had just paid for this other dating service, he talked to his mom about it and she encouraged him to go for it!!! So, he did.

On Friday October 23rd, 2008 Cliff sent a message to Sara which said: "My first thoughts? 'So, she is local and very pretty, a Christian, and has a lot of matching preferences...' So, what's the catch?"

We went out and met each other the very next day. Was it love at first sight? No. But we knew there was SOMETHING there, because our first date was 8 hours long and we still had things to talk about the next day. All of these similarities and mutual friends started surfacing (I mean, who knew Cliff's supervisor at MedCost would eventually become his father-in-law??) and while it may not have been love at first sight, we both knew that God had a hand in orchestrating our meeting and bringing us together. Thus began a whirlwind weekend... and a whirlwind love affair.

The more time we spent together, the more piercing the realization that we were each the missing pieces to our respective puzzles. A girl who likes Star Trek? A boy who makes the bed? And truly, it's rare to find two people more amused by bodily functions than we are. Ultimately what we found in one another was a realness that would nearly melt the heart had it not been so strengthened and filled by the other.


The Proposal
"Aw, how... romantic?"


We didn't do anything cutesy or typical. In true Sara-n-Cliff fashion, the stereotypical "system" was shunned, and there was no 'official' proposal of marriage. We had talked a lot about marriage, and the timing thereof, so one Sunday afternoon I looked at Cliff and asked if he wanted to go look at rings. He agreed, and the next thing I knew, Cliff was looking at the sales person, and telling her to put the ring in the bag.

We were both sweating bullets when the money changed hands - realizing what we had just done and what it meant for the remainder of our lives here on Earth.

By the time we got back to the truck, Cliff was researching the return policy (ha ha, no really). In the end, we didn't return the ring. We kept the decision to ourselves for a while, and treasured the beautiful brevity of the commitment that was being woven between us. We took the opportunity of our joint-birthday party in May 2009 to make the announcement official to those in attendance.


The Ceremony
"Here comes the... Covenant!"

Fairly early on in our relationship, we began researching the matter of the marriage 'license'. Why should we get one? What's up with the state and who said it was ok for them to get involved? Isn't the purpose of a license to grant permission by a competent authority to do something which would otherwise be illegal or unlawful? After MUCH prayer, MUCH thought, MUCH discussion - we decided there was NO reason to get a license, that it is NOT ok for the state to be a partner in our marriage, and that the licensing of our marriage would be WRONG. It would cheapen our commitment and make a mockery of the covenant we were entering into with one another - before God.

We took comfort in knowing we were not alone! Many have made similar stands, and opted out of the marriage license - choosing rather to enter into a covenant with one another, performed in front of family and friends. However, for our ceremony, we wanted to put together more information for those who may be curious about the lawfulness or legitimacy of our union - and what we found is that there is very little information out there! So, instead of a standard 'wedding program', we put together an informational booklet for our family and friends, and others who might be curious. We also had a lawful covenant drawn up and signed by both of us and our witnesses as part of the ceremony itself. We exchanged vows, and then all went out for a simple dinner afterward. Sweet. Simple. Poignant.

We wouldn't have wanted it any other way.


The After Party
"Hmph. Well. Why wasn't I-I-I invited?"

Most little girls dream of beautiful white weddings with scores of guests and flowers and over priced dresses. Something borrowed... something blue... something ol... um, no. Much to Cliff's relief, Sara is not a fan of tradition and has always wanted a small, simple wedding. While we wish ALL of the people in our lives could have been in attendance at our ceremony, our desire to keep things meaningful and simple outweighed our desire for fanfare and bridesmaids.

So, we limited the attendees to immediate family (our parents, our siblings, and our grandparents) only. It was tough, but well worth it. It was very low key, and allowed us both to enjoy one another and not miss one tasty morsel of that very special moment!

Now. This is where YOU come in!!! We've had opportunity to settle in, and honeymoon, and get used to one another's morning breath - and now we are throwing a big blow out party in celebration of our covenant, and hope that ALL of our friends and family will be able to be in attendance!!!

We would love nothing more than to be surrounded by the people we love, as we take this time to celebrate our union and to celebrate YOU! You who have supported us, and friended us, and encouraged us, and laughed with us, and cried with us, and walked with us as we have journeyed toward who we are today as individuals - and who we are as a couple. This story would be incomplete without you, and we sincerely hope that you'll join us as we set out to pen this new chapter. Oh - and get your PARTAAAAY on. Naturally.


Getting Married Without a License
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